We are so excited that we have the opportunity to speak into your child’s life. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” This proverb is only one of the many reasons it is important that we train our children now! We have three areas in which we focus our time with your children.

1.  8 Goals of Kidmin: We want these 8 goals to be present in these kids as they transition into youth and adult service.  Those 8 goals are:

  • Powerful in Prayer
  • Responsive in Worship
  • Biblically Fluent
  • Spirit-Empowered
  • Actively Serving
  • Bold in Faith
  • Giving Selflessly
  • Living Like Christ

With these goals, these children will be trained in a way that will never leave them. You can find more info on this when you visit the AG Kidmin

2.  We believe that it is important that the children’s ministry is in tune with the Spirit and where He is leading. One of the ways that we get into good practice of that is being united as one. Our children’s ministry will always administer under the vision and leadership of the church.  There is no doctrine that is too hard for children to understand if it is taught right. Our hope is that we can provide a step stool to these children so that they can reach the jar on the top shelf rather than lower the jar.

3.  Finally, we are not doing our job if we are not resourcing the most important people that minister to these children.  That is right we want to equip you, parents, to be the parent pastors to these kids.  We look forward to connecting and tag-teaming with you so that we can celebrate the big moments in your children’s life. In this time that we are in they need every chance they have and that only is successful when we do this together.

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